Consolata Regional House Nairobi

We are an international religious and missionary family of about 1,000 priests and brothers, 900 sisters and lay people consecrated for life to the missions. We work with local churches to help them mature in faith, become self-sufficient in personnel and ministries. We help the poor and marginalized populations in society around the world to improve their living conditions through provision of health care, education, food production, skills training, clean water, humanitarian aid during emergencies, infrastructure, etc.

 Our Origin

Blessed Joseph Allamano, founded a congregation of Priests and Brothers in 1901. The need for feminine aspect within the work of evangelization for non-Christians gave birth to the foundation of the Consolata Sisters in 1910.We can therefore, note that the Consolata missionaries consist of priests, brothers, sisters and laity. The founder placed both congregations under the special protection of the Virgin Consolata. From the very beginning, the aim of the society was to gather together young priests, clerics and lay men who wanted to dedicate themselves to the mission in order to prepare them and make them fit for the work of evangelization in those regions that would be assigned to the society or congregation by the Holy See.

 Our History

In 1902 the first missionaries that is two priests namely Tommaso Gays, 31 years and Filippo Perlo, 29 years plus two brothers that is Luigi Falda, 19 years and Celeste Lusso, 18 years were sent to the missions from Italy and they landed in Kenya and started their first evangelization activity in Central province at a place called Tuthu which is within the present Muranga Catholic Diocese. Pope Pius X on 6thJuly 1909 elevated this independent mission to the status of apostolic vicariate and Fr. Philipo Perlo was consecrated as Episcopal vicar on 23rd October 1909. He later founded the local congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Nyeri.

Our Achievements

The success of early missionary activity has facilitated the missionary evangelization of non-Christians to be currently carried out in the continent of Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Somalia, Djibouti, and Guinea Bissau. In Europe we are in Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and Poland. In Asia we are in South Korea and Mongolia. In South America we are in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico. We are also in the United States of America and Canada.

Our Characteristics

The characteristics that make our congregation unique and distinct from other religious congregations in the Catholic Church are: Fidelity and adherence to the life and teaching of our founder Blessed Joseph Allamano; Reverence and devotion to the patroness of our congregation Our Blessed Lady “Consolata,” named after Our Lady of Consolation; Eucharistic Missionaries that is we live a Eucharistic life – making the Eucharist the source and apex of our work of evangelization, the center to which the spiritual life of both individuals and communities tends and consequently, is the motivation of a life spent in continuous thanksgiving; Evangelization of non-Christians under the directives of the Magisterium; Love for the Sacred Liturgy i.e a fervent and dignified manner of celebrating the liturgy and taking part in it and living by its Spirit; Family Spirit = all members are as brothers and accept each other as such; they show concern for each other, live their mission united in mind and heart, and make their own the joys, suffering and hopes of the whole congregation; Lastly the value and love of work – means of work we acquire a practical sense of reality and service; we contribute to human development and to evangelization, and to the smooth running of our communities.

Our Identity and Aim

Our Congregation is a family whose members are consecrated for life to the mission “Ad Gentes” ( Non-Christians)

Our Mission

 Our mission is to build the Faith and implant the Church with its structures among Non-Christians through the Proclamation of the Gospel and Development of Peoples, through Human Promotion activities.

Our Leadership

A Regional Superior governs and animates the Regional community with the help of four Councilors and Local Superiors. The task of the superior is to animate and co-ordinate the life of our communities, to support and help each member in his pursuit of the evangelical goals of our Congregation and ensure that it authentically lives its missionary and religious vocation and achieves its own particular aims. All the members, communities and activities of the region are under his authority. He represents our Society before Church and State authorities in his Region and he regularly keeps in touch with the Superior General.