• To be the proactive and the prophetic organ for IMC in truth and reconciliation in a disturbed society


  1. Voice of intervention in social events in Kenya
  2. Improve the social awareness of missionaries on the occurrences and events
  3. become torch bearers of the congregation
  4. to champion Gods message of forgiveness and harmonious co-existence
  5. Collaborating  with other JP initiatives on inhuman situations
  6. To elaborate the message of social teaching of the church
  7. Lobbying for equality, fairness and truth in the society
  8. To foster a strong sense of justice in our working places
  9. Disseminate information that call for attention, appeals to give solidarity during disasters


  • Become the resource to Kenya missionaries on matters of justice, reconciliation and integrity
  • Link the IMC with other bodies working for JPC; RSCK, AOSK, AMECEA, KEC ‚Ķ
  • Offer researches on particular fields of concern
  • Available to parishes in peace building and reconciliation programs
  • Updating on government declarations.


  • Motivate missionaries to undertake resolution in enhancing justice and peace
  • Encourage participation of JP events in parish, and other days to honor creation
  • Parish collection of educative articles.