Development office is an organization that was set up by Consolata Fathers in Kenya, Westland from the year 1999. Our work is to promote the development of the Consolata Missionaries in Kenya and Uganda Projects. The office is working hand to co-ordinate all the Projects of the Consolata Missionaries from 11 Dioceses in Kenya and 3 Dioceses in Uganda. In all we are working in 25 Parishes who are running various types of development Projects. We work on the projects that empower the most Marginalized people in our region. Our areas of the development are:-

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  1. We offer sponsorship to the most marginalized children and the youths.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •  To empower the marginalized children and youth with education so as to make them recognize their human right and dignity in the society.
  • To assist the marginalized children to be able to access education countrywide.  To alleviate poverty among the marginalized communities.

2.  We have projects caring for the ill elderly women at St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Centre in Sagana.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •   To provide health care and promote human life for ill elderly women who have been abandoned by their relatives and they had nobody to care for them.
  •  To provide them with medical care, food, clothing and housing.



3.  Familia ya Ufariji Children’s Home Daily Cost of the Upkeep for each Boy:

The objectives towards this Project:

  •  To provide quality education both academic and vocational training skills.
  •  To enhance school completion.
  •  To feed and clothe the children.
  •  To provide health care.
  •  To scale up social support of the street boys countrywide and alleviate poverty among the orphans.


4.   Regional ongoing formation of Agents of New Evangelization for the youths, children, lay people, priests, sisters and brothers in our five formation centres: Buoye in Kisumu, Runogone in Meru, Bethany House in Sagana, Mombasa and Kiwanga in Uganda.

The Main Objectives:

  •   To promote pastoral work and development of the Church life through organizing ongoing formations. This will provide effective new evangelization, Inter-religious dialogue and Peace building.
  •   To create good environment for the growth of missionary pastoral work.
  • To involve individual accompaniment on the personal growth and vocation.




5.   We have Projects to intervene with Famine and droughts affecting people in our region.

The Main Objectives:

  • Reducing the degree of malnutrition among the young children.
  •   To help in alleviating poverty to the most affected families.
  •   To prevent dropping out of schools of the children due to the severe drought and famine.
  • To be able to feed those missions most affected by drought and famine in our region.

6.We have water projects such as drilling of boreholes and water storage tanks.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •    To acquire a dependable supply of portable water supply.
  •   To provide water during formations (cooking, drinking, washing and cleaning)
  •   To provide water to be used by domestic animals.
  •   To provide water for community at large.

7.We have projects doing Agricultural activities such as greenhouse farming, irrigation systems, keeping of breed animals, Pigs, Poultry and Rabbits.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •   Creating avenues for household income for target group households.
  •   Improving household food security of the targeted households.
  •   Creating employment at household level.

8. We have projects of constructions of Church building, priest’s house, schools and dispensaries.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •   The main objective is to provide a Church building for the Christians with enough space to be used during their fellowship services and also to be able to reach many Christians and help them in all the aspects of their life.
  •   To provide priests with a spacious house to be able to do their apostolic work well.
  •   Establish a centre for holistic education for the marginalized Children.

Sagana New Church under Construction    School under Consturction                                                                  

9.We have projects for requesting assistance to buy school vehicles, ambulance for dispensaries and rehabilitation centre.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •   To provide means of transports to the student who comes from far distances.
  •   To provide means of transports to ill elderly women.
  •   To provide means of transports to the emergency cases.


10. We have projects promoting peace and reconciliation within our Region.

The objectives towards this Project:-

  •   To promote Justice, Peace and reconciliation among Kenyan people.
  •   To help in having peaceful election among the Kenyan.
  •  To promote the role of human right to everyone.
  •  To create the mentality of togetherness among the Kenyan people
  •   It is our appeal to any person of good will to join us in saving lives of these vulnerable people (Marginalized Children, aged, orphans, physically challenged people and families with many children) with the little you could offer to us.



Contacts: Account/Name: Consolata Fathers Development Fund

Account/Number: 01000508203  (CFC  Stanbic Bank, Waiyaki way)

E-Mail: kenyaprojectimc@gmail.com