Our Congregation has since time immemorial put much emphasis on the education of the people regardless of their religious affiliation. In that case quality formal education has been offered and is still offered to many children and youth in nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, technical schools, and institutes we are running. At the same time adult education is encouraged among adults who had not got a chance to go to school at their youthful years.
Among the nomadic communities, informal and mobile schools are being developed in order to reach out to those who cannot access available learning institutions because of the nature of their lifestyle. Our education institutions aims at helping the adolescent in such a way that the development of his or her own personality will be matched by the growth of that new creation which he or she becomes by baptism. It strives to relate all human culture eventually to the news of salvation, so that the light of faith will illumine the knowledge that students gradually gain of the world, of life and of the human race.
Moreover, through education we are preparing church and lay leaders that may assume various responsibilities in society. Above all we are answering Christ’s desired that all should have adequate intelligence to know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and they should accept to be his disciples and worship him with conviction. The Institutions are:

  • Consolata Institute of Philosophy
  • Sagana Technical Training Institute
  • Consolata Language Centre
  • Consolata School
  • Mary Mother of Grace Boys Secondary School
  • Blessed Allamano School


Sagana Technical Training Institute








Consolata Language Center 










Consolata School